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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CinemaCon 2012, Day 2: Trade Show

Film Flam Flummox


Too often lost in all the celebrity-fawning coverage of the movie studios' presentations and product reels at CinemaCon--and sadly too often ignored outright by the media--is the true centerpiece of the convention, the trade show. Spread across three levels in the ballroom/convention space at Caesars Palace, this not only meant more space for more exhibitors and bigger displays, but also some no-brainer organization: the high-tech companies were given more generous amounts of square footage to peddle their wares in the Augustus Ballroom, while the smaller booths for food and beverage companies, upholstery services, and that ilk were in the Forum Ballroom, with companies seeking more intimate space were in separate, smaller, dedicated suites on yet another level.

First, a look at the major tech displays in the Augustus Ballroom...

Uniquely shaped video wall on one side of Sony's large exhibit

The other side of Sony's large trade show space

Christie Digital

Barco Digital Cinema

NEC Display Solutions

The other side of NEC

GDC Digital Services

Xpand 3D

Remember Tex, the THX robot?

Now onto the smaller booths down in the Forum Ballroom...

The ongoing Cola Wars, part 1: Coca-Cola

The ongoing Cola Wars, part 2: Pepsi


f'real frozen drinks are among
the more popular refreshment offerings on this floor.

My pick for most intriguing refreshment offering is Crave,
a dairy beverage that does not need refrigeration
in its rather clever and innovative
"Frost Flow" aluminum bottle packaging.

Promotion in Motion, Inc. candy nanufacturers/marketers,
who have booked some appearances/signings by celebrities,
such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid star Zachary Gordon.

Cretors, inventors of the popcorn machine

Some lower-scale tech-oriented offerings are in this room.
Case in point, the motion seat experience that is D-Box.

Tremor FX's speaker-embedded seats
are self-explanatory...

Taking things a few steps further is MediaMation,
whose X4D/5D offers not only motion seats,
but additional enhancements such as wind and water blasts (!).

Regular 3D glasses not stylish enough for you?
Look3D eyewear has you covered...

A closer "Look"
(get it?)

(very special thanks to Heather Lewandoski, Jessica Erskine, and the entire crew at Rogers & Cowan for all their helpful and generous assistance at the convention this week.)

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