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Monday, April 11, 2011

F3PR: Idris Elba and Arjun Rose eye Olympic gold with Swift

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Having just completed the highly anticipated feature film Suicide Kids hitting cinemas on the 10th of June and made for the very modest sum of £120,000, UK writer/director Arjun Rose has already signed up for his next film Swift.

Swift is a coming of age story set in East London during the run up to the London Olympics. The The Wire's Idris Elba is signed up to play Max, a disgraced sports agent.

"After witnessing the murder of his father as a child in a drug related shooting, Corey Johnson or 'Swift' as he is known on the streets of East London, is destined for a life of crime.... That is until a chance meeting with Max (Idris Elba) a troubled, washed-up sports agent shows him that there is another path... Recognising Swift’s uncanny ability to run, Max has high hopes of training him to compete at the London Olympics, but Swift’s world won’t let him go without a fight…" Swift is both a humorous and heartfelt coming of age story as well as the tale of a disgraced sports agent’s last chance for success and redemption….

The film begins shooting in July 2011 and is to be released in the Spring of 2012 - the year of London’s Olympic games.

Arjun Rose said, "Suicide Kids was a 3 week shoot with just 2 weeks of preparation and we made a really good film with some of the best young actors in the UK. We have more money this time round and I'm very excited about what we can do."

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