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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

CinemaCon 2023, Day 2: Trade Show

Film Flam Flummox


(photo by Michael Dequina)

Per years-long tradition, the lunch event for Day 2 of CinemaCon was the grand opening of the trade show floor and demonstration suites. While the Julius and Augustus Ballrooms at Caesars Palace Las Vegas were a bit more full than in 2022, there were some noticeable empty booth slots, so recovery in this sector of exhibition is still very much ongoing.

Empty vendor space in the Julius Ballroom
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Similarly, for the most part, it was business as usual as the exhibition hall aisles were filled convention attendees -- at least in the food and drink-dominated Julius Ballroom, which is an escalator ride down.

(photo by Michael Dequina)

(animated photo by Michael Dequina)

CinemaCon Cola Wars, 2023 edition, Part 1:
Coca-Cola trade show display.
Being the convention's longtime presenting sponsor,
it makes sense that they always
have the largest trade floor footprint.
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Beverages on display at Coca-Cola
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Photo station at Coca-Cola
(photo by Michael Dequina)

A nice nod to Coca-Cola's
longtime Refreshing Films program,
in which student filmmakers compete by
making a spot for the product that will
eventually be shown during the pre-roll
at cinemas nationwide.
(photo by Michael Dequina)

CinemaCon Cola Wars, 2023 edition, Part 2:
PepsiCo's display,
which has settled to this modest size for years now.
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Keurig Dr. Pepper is back for a
second year in the CinemaCon Soft Drink Wars
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Joining the beverage company contingent
for the first time was Red Bull.
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Mars, Incorporated trade show display,
always the second largest behind Coca-Cola
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Ferrara, the company behind
such candy favorites as Nerds, Jelly Belly,
Sweet Tarts, Trolli gummies, and more
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Making its trade show floor debut,
the popular plant-based protein company
Impossible Foods.
(photo by Michael Dequina)

A rare tech company in the more food-leaning space,
Rise Boothless Cinema Solutions showed off
its revolutionary and space saving
boothless projection system.
(photo by Michael Dequina)

More information on
Rise Boothless Cinema Solutions
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Now an escalator ride up to the Augustus Ballroom, occupied by most of the tech-oriented vendors...

(photo by Michael Dequina)

Dolby's floor space,
which is always both the largest and most popular
in the Augustus Ballroom
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Second most popular was 4D E-Motion,
whose 4D demonstration booth attracted a lot of eager riders, as it has in previous years.
(photo by Michael Dequina)

Stay tuned here and on my Twitter and Instagram all week for ongoing coverage of all the goings-on at CinemaCon 2023!

(Very special thanks to Heather Lewandoski and the CinemaCon PR team for all their helpful and generous assistance at the convention, as well as Mitch Neuhauser and the CinemaCon crew and John Fithian, Jackie Brenneman, and the National Association of Theatre Owners)

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