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Monday, September 7, 2015

Movie Music Monday: Adam Scott, Patrick Brice & Cyril Beaumont launch The Overnight on all digital platforms

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The Orchard and Paramount Pictures held a special party to launch the upcoming digital and home entertainment release of Patrick Brice's The Overnight this past Friday, September 4 at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. While such an event to celebrate a home entertainment release is hardly unusual in and of itself, in keeping with the indie sex comedy's bold, brash, and quirky nature, there was a bit more to the bash, hosted by writer/director Brice and star/executive producer Adam Scott. Beyond the usual rounds of drinks, photo ops and glad handing, the event also was an art exhibit of the paintings featured in the film as being done by Jason Schwartzman's character, who specialized in renderings of "portals"--or, to put it more bluntly, anuses. While the paintings were indeed a sight to behold in real life, the highlight of the evening came with the special live musical performance of the film's original song "Chardonnay Eyes (A Vinter's Song)," performed not only by the original artist Cyril Beaumont (also known as Julian Wass, the film's score composer), but also interpreted by a pair of actors. Watch the entire catchy, kooky spectacle--and Brice and Scott's welcome remarks--in the video below.

The Overnight is available on all digital platforms this coming Tuesday, September 8; and on DVD the following Tuesday, September 15, from The Orchard and Paramount Home Entertainment.

(Special thanks to Adam Scott, Paramount Pictures, Brigade Marketing, and The Orchard)

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