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Friday, September 4, 2015

In Conversation with... Ed Skrein & Loan Chabanol, on The Transporter Refueled (& more...)

Film Flam Flummox

On just the quickest of glances, it would be easy, and perhaps more than a little understandable, to just as swiftly write off the new stars of the freshly rebooted The Transporter film franchise, as just another couple of pretty faces. But there's far more than meets the eye with the multitalented leads of The Transporter Refueled, Ed Skrein (taking over from Jason Statham as badass courier/driver Frank Martin) and Loan Chabanol (as femme fatale Anna). As more deeply detailed in a couple of exclusive sit-down interviews at the Forum in Inglewood on Wednesday, August 26, the pair are not only deeply committed rising stars in the acting realm, but they are also gifted and accomplished artists in other areas--Skrein in the world music, Chabanol in writing and painting. Watch the two discuss those passions and their work in Camille Delamarre's high-octane action-adventure below.

The Transporter Refueled opens in cinemas nationwide today, Friday, September 4, from EuropaCorp.

(Special thanks to Mammoth Advertising, EuropaCorp, Ed Skrein, and Loan Chabanol)

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