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Friday, October 31, 2014

Press Junket Potluck: Daniel Radcliffe locks Horns with Juno Temple

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Ever since waving his wand as wizard Harry Potter for the final time in 2011, Daniel Radcliffe has never completely shied away from the fantasy genre, but the film projects he's tackled with such a bent have been as far removed tonally from that star-making blockbuster franchise as can be. First he ventured into the darker side of the fantastic with 2012's Hammer-style horror yarn The Woman in Black, and now he swerves into an even more tonally different direction with writer-director Alexandre Aja's adaptation of Joe Hill's novel Horns, often darkly comic supernatural mystery-thriller in which he plays Iggy, a murder suspect who mysteriously grows the titular demonic feature overnight--and with them developing a number of equally mysterious magical powers. Alongside co-star Juno Temple, who plays Iggy's lost love Merrin, whom he is suspected of killing; and author Hill, Radcliffe sat for a press conference in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, October 29, where the trio fielded questions about the film and various issues about navigating the more-treacherous-than-the-supernatural waters of Hollywood.

Horns opens in select cinemas and is available on demand on digital outlets beginning today, October 31, 2014, from Radius-TWC.

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