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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Prometheus trailer premiere with Ridley Scott & Damon Lindelof

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AMC Theatres hosted a special premiere event for the first full trailer for Ridley Scott's eagerly anticipated science fiction epic Prometheus exclusively for members of the chain's loyalty program, AMC Stubs, this afternoon at their Downtown Disney District 12 multiplex in Anaheim. Hosted by AMC Movie News Blog associate editor George Roush, the screening of the trailer in the Real D 3D format was followed by a live 30-minute discussion with Scott and screenwriter Damon Lindelof, who fielded questions from fans both live in the theatre and via the Internet. While Scott and Lindelof were expectedly conservative with what details about the notoriously secrecy-shrouded projects they divulged, they were a bit less coy with the film's connection to Scott's seminal Alien, stopping short of calling it a direct prequel but leaving no doubt that the seeds of that classic sci-fi cinema saga begin in the new film--an admission more than reinforced by some briefly seen but no less tantalizing images in the new trailer, embedded below. Just exactly how everything fits in will be revealed when Prometheus opens on IMAX and standard screens on June 8.

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