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Sunday, August 22, 2021

CinemaCon 2021: in absentia coverage preview

Film Flam Flummox

Due to circumstances that, I must stress, are beyond my control and most decidedely not by my choice (I had my travel and accommodations booked, and I was ready to go), I will not able do my traditional annual coverage of CinemaCon, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, which I have been doing nearly every year since 2001, when it was still known as ShoWest. To say that I am highly disappointed by this most unanticipated, blindsiding development is a gross understatement. That being said, in what has been an increasing trend the last couple of years, trailers and/or special previews of major, upcoming cinema releases that have their premiere during in-person, on-stage studio presentations at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace have been released to the general press and public online within a day. So while I won't be relaying second hand accounts of what actually takes place in Las Vegas this coming week (after all, one can simply go to other outlets that are blessed to be there, and nothing I say from the home office will add anything of interest nor value), I will report on any CinemaCon-premiered trailers and/or previews that are made public during the week of the convention. This, of course, means coverage far less comprehensive than I have given the last couple of decades; my physical absence means I will not be able to report on NATO head John Fithian's annual "State of the Industry" address, various seminars, Cinema Concepts's always rousing reel of the year's top box office grossers worldwide, notable displays and trends the trade show floor, the hallway movie displays and the changes to the CinemaCon entryway, and the various other you-are-there, on-the-scene coverage I always have done (and, of course, there will also be no updates on my Twitter and Instagram feeds, since I am not physically there), but I hope what I am able and allowed to do will be of some interest.

Stay tuned here all week for ongoing coverage of as much as I possibly can at home at CinemaCon 2021!

(Very special thanks to Heather Lewandoski and the entire team at Rogers & Cowan for all their helpful and generous assistance at the convention, as well as Mitch Neuhauser and the CinemaCon crew and John Fithian and the National Association of Theatre Owners)

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