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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Press Junket Potluck: Get to know Kevin from Work

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As with many original series in the ABC Family stable, the McG-produced and -directed comedy Kevin from Work was given a pre-premiere screening and discussion event hosted by OK! Magazine at the Real D Theater in Beverly Hills on Thursday, August 6. Following a viewing of the series' first episode, the "Kevin" of the title of this witty workplace rom-com, Noah Reid, was joined by co-stars Paige Spara (who plays Kevin's office cubicle mate and object of his unrequited affection, Audrey), Matt Murray (Brian, Kevin's best friend), Punam Patel (Patti, Audrey's flirtatious roommate), Jordan Hinson (Roxie, Kevin's younger sister), and Jason Rogel (Ricky, Kevin and Audrey's gossipy co-worker) for a lively discussion that showed off their crackling comic chemistry that shines through even off the set. Enjoy the wisecracks and antics in two parts below:

Kevin from Work premieres tonight, Wednesday, August 12, on ABC Family.

(Special thanks to ABC Family, OK! Magazine, and The Garage PR)

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