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Thursday, November 27, 2014

An important message from Nate Parker: American Race - a film on the black male crisis

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Please support and share this important message/cause from actor/filmmaker/activist Nate Parker:

Family, Friends and Concerned Citizens,

I’m reaching out to you to inform of a campaign I've launched aimed at addressing the crisis affecting black males across America.

I was one of the many who tuned in two nights ago to witness the grave injustice hurled at Michael Brown’s family, loved ones and our community at large. I watched as the banner flashed across the TV screen exonerating Darren Wilson and I didn't flinch. The truth is, I knew when I visited Ferguson in September what the result would be. I knew outrage would follow. I knew the lifeless bodies of black men would continue to accumulate across America as we waited for the Justice System to remind us that black lives hold no value. The question that lingered in my mind as I witnessed Mike Brown’s body stretched facedown on the pavement, as I boarded my flight to Ferguson, as I heard the news of Ezell Ford, as I watched the video of John Crawford diving for cover, hear Eric Garner gasping for breath, Roshad McIntosh, LaQuan McDonald, VonDerrit Myers Jr., Cameron Tillman- and most recently Tamir Rice…

That lingering question: What will I do?

In response to this burning question, I contacted my friend and Academy-Award Nominee Amy Berg, a documentarian and truth teller committed to fighting injustice through her work. After intense strategizing, we have partnered, along with Award-Winning writer/director Matthew Cooke- to produce a documentary examining the Black Male Crisis that has become an epidemic in America.

In this documentary we will explore the rampant dehumanization and criminalization of black males. We will highlight the patterns of this systemic device and how that pattern created fertile ground the Michael Brown tragedy and many others.

Ferguson represents so many communities across America where the attack on black youth has further disrupted the possibility of racial harmony, further perpetuating the damaged relationship between black youth and police.

In creating a documentary that analyzes and creates solution for the Black Male Crisis in America- specifically in Ferguson- we can start a movement throughout the country that brings people of all demographics together to address racial disparity and White supremacy.

This is a time of great moral conflict, a conflict that needs the support of every able body to rectify. Join me in this journey. Your contribution and prayers will serve great purpose in preserving the lives of the most at risk human beings in our great country.

Thank you all for your support!


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