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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Web Wednesday: The Time Is Now! for Eddie Goines & friends

Film Flam Flummox

With the increasingly widespread availability and accessibility of digital technologies for not only production but also distribution, lots of up-and-coming talent both in front of and behind the camera have seized the open opportunity, taking to the World Wide Web to create and release their own homegrown projects. Most of these projects have taken the form of short films and web series, whether comedies, dramas, or all other recognizable traditional media genres; or even taken tweeting, Instagram-ing, and all manner of social media posting to the next level with do-it-yourself reality shows. But given the direct-to-viewer/consumer nature of Internet distribution, it's a bit surprising that few have thought to take the time- and older-technology-tested middle ground format between narrative and "documentary": that of the old-fashioned variety show. Actor/producer Eddie Goines recognizes that now could not be a better time for a such a direct showcase for the entire spectrum of emerging artists, using the classic structure for an original one-hour special recorded before a live audience, the aptly titled The Time Is Now!

Being an emerging artist himself with a growing list of film and television credits, Goines naturally uses the show to display the range of his own talents, primarily through some amusing location-shot, largely impression-driven comedy vignettes interspersed between the live stage segments--one of which is his own impressive one-man monologue piece. But not for nothing is above-the-title billing given to "Eddie Goines & Friends," for while he is a consistent presence throughout the hour, he's not an overwhelming one, generously giving others opportunities to shine. He cedes host duties to the seasoned and entertaining pair of comedian Guy Torry and radio personality Tammi Mac, and also given their moments to entertain both the live and home audience are another familiar face, comedian Chris Spencer, and a pair of less familiar musical acts. The latter points up the great potential for The Time Is Now! to become a regularly produced series of specials, for Goines and friends not only appear to be on to something but just beginning to scratch the proverbial surface, for one can see how many other artists from different areas (dancers, other actors doing other performance pieces, live sketches) could benefit of the showcase--and how the home viewer can become acquainted with the talents of many more artists ripe and ready for discovery. For (no pun intended) now, though, The Time Is Now! is a solid hour of entertainment readily available in the thick of the summer rerun and filler programming season on television. Check it out anytime at

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