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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Disney's latest Bollywood animated feature: Arjun

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While not the most prolific and active Hollywood studio in India--that title goes to Fox, who has released three Hindi language films thus far in 2012 alone--Disney seems the the most dedicated to organically extending its established brand identity in South Asia. After their 2008 Indian film debut with the Yash Raj Films animated co-production Roadside Romeo, the Mouse then distributed the family-friendly entertainer Do Dooni Char in 2010; and last year they made their official live action Bollywood debut with the kid superhero tale Zokkomon as well as stepping into regional Telugu language cinema with Once Upon a Warrior. That last film played very much like a classic Disney animated musical adventure that just happened to be in live action (and, of course, in a South Indian language), but now the studio, in association with UTV, takes things the next natural step with Arjun: The Warrior Prince. Based on the trailer below, this looks to be the most seamless and symbiotic cinematic melding of the Disney and Indian film sensibilities yet, blending music, mythology, and some truly stunning 2D and 3D animation design for a rousing epic adventure.

The film hits cinemas worldwide this Friday, May 25.

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